What We do

Audit and Accounting

Our approach emphasizes a thorough guidelines in accordance with the understanding of our client’s business Generally Accepted Accounting philosophy, personnel and operating system. principles to ensure that financial Our audit approach, at the leading edge of statements are free of any best practice, is tailored to suit the size and misstatements, errors and discrepancies. nature of your organization and draws upon our extensive industry knowledge. Our → Concurrent, Inspection and Statu tory deep understanding of regulation and Audit of Banks The firm is legislation will help clients with complex extensively involved in conducting reporting issues involving Sarbanes- Statutory Bank Branch Audits, Concurrent Audits, Stock Audits, Third Party Audits, Revenue Audits, Oxley (SOX) and International Financial  Reporting Standards (IFRS).


We provide effective taxation advice to our clients in both the corporate and other sectors. Our qualified Tax specialists are in a position to act in close co-operation with the client before the final decision is taken. We plan the client’s taxation affairs in a way that fully answers his purpose. We render tax service as an integral part of the audit process. Tax Audits We conduct 

Tax Audit of assesses as required under Section 44 AB of the Indian Income Tax Act. This
involves reporting on the certain factual details by assesses to the Income Tax
Department to enable proper assessment of tax by the Department.


Corporate Compliance and Documentation

Our corporate compliance services are offered both for central and state rules, regulations and laws in India and other countries. Following are the broad categories for which our corporate compliance and documentation services are offered:

Corporate Compliance and Documentation

        Company Formation and compliance of The Companies Act,2013

        Registration of charges with ROC for corporate borrower

        Company Law disputes and litigations

Cross Border Transactions

Jain Gautam advises foreign entities on the entire process of setting up a business in India – from the pre-investment stage to the Business Initiation stage. After analyzing the business needs of the client from the Indian market, the firm advises on what the best entry strategy would be: Liaison Office (also known as: Representative Office) or Branch Office or Project Office or Wholly Owned Subsidiary or Cross Border Transactions through a Joint Venture Partner. The firm guidesthe clients about the legal and tax implications for taking a strategic decision.

Information System Audit

It is utmost essential for any business organization to understand the importance of information, the location of information at every office of the organization, presence of information with different departments, hierarchy levels, and users. The organization shall have an assessment of the risks entailed in system and the impact on the business. Every IT system in an organization requires effective balance of controls and performance. Information system audit covers the creation, processing, ransmission, storage, maintenance and security of information and information systems at large.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

The firm is well equipped for meeting the expectations of different countries of the World for undertaking high-end services like back office Accounting, Taxation, Financial Analysis and other related work, thus reducing overall costs for the clients. We ensure that the highest standard of ethics, secrecy and confidentiality is maintained.